Thursday, November 30, 2023


10-20-23 I was pawing the interwebs one afternoon and came across this....yes a Ruffland in limited edition HOT PINK!  Ruffland only sells these fun colors for a limited time every few years.  I simply just had to have it.  It would be my furry own Barbie Dream Crate.  (days later they took them off the website completely so I got lucky).

Meanwhile...Months ago we were looking on facebook for a fun smaller crate for Cora since she loves having her own space but we wanted to down size.  We found a green ruffland in OKC but couldn't quite justify a 2 hour trip for one crate.  Once I came upon my pink crate my first thought it would have been perfect to have a pink and green combo Ruffland Crates.  I reached out to the seller and  as fate would have it, she still had the green crate.  It just so happened to be a coincidence that our Uncle was coming down from the OKC area.  So we asked if he could pick it up for us and he happily agreed.  Whoop Whoop!  Thanks Uncle B!!!!  Here it was all loaded up in his pick up truck.  

As we talked she let us know this crate was well loved by Miss Kiwi her senior yorkie.  She didn't get to use it much before she passed but knows Miss Cora will love it. Miss Kiwi's signaure color was lime green.  Rest assured Kiwi its going to be used a lot and loved a lot!

11-11-23 It was a crisp saturday morning when Uncle B arrived with the kiwi crate. 

After giving him a few grand borks we went right to checking out the new crate.

Its so fancy!  

Im just overwhelmed that its my furry own!

Back to sniffing

Momma sissys in my crate.

Yea not staying just snooping.

I love it.  Angel Kiwi I will take care of it and enjoy many naps in it.

Momma its great!

However while I am here at Doggy Nannys Ill stick to the couch!

Its officially mine.

Now for relaxiation time wif momma

Once we got home momma took out my old kennel and removed its contents.  She found my stash of toys and chews.

We tried to make this shelf work as the stand....
but I didn't like it. 

 Just didn't feel right.

This feels much better momma!

Super COZY!

Lots of room for chews....

 And my toys are slowly making their way back into my lair.

Fast forward to 11-14-23

AHHHHHH!  Its here! My HOT PINK Ruffland!

AHHH!  Its in the backyard!!! Darn it why did momma have to lock the door?  Now we have to wait for her to get home.  Its torture!

Momma arrived home...later than rude!!  She opened the door and tossed a black mat inside....double rude.  Then brought my ruffland in.  Momma got a mat to put them on to make it fancy.  Then she stacked the crates.  OH MY DOG!  Its perfect....its a doggie dreamhouse!  

We are going to do a proper photo shoot later but there you have it.  


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