Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Preparing For Surgery - Spay 2023

 Eek...It kind of snuck up on us but here we are...It is go time for my big girl surgery.  Here is what I have prepared for the big event.  We brought out the travel bag complete with emotional support blankie.  I still don't walk to well on leash and momma doesn't want me flinging myself around after surgery.  Plus she is still unsteady on her feet so this option just makes the most sense.  It has my badge of bravery/city license hanging from the strap to show I am legal in the state of Texas.  :)

While I was attaching my tags to the carrier Poppy hopped in the portable crate.  This will be on mommas bed so that I can sleep there and not worry about getting tossed around or stepped on.  Sides secure and comfy blankie installed sissy.  You are good to go here.

Last but not least I got a pawmedown comfy cone from Poppy.  And my recovery jammies.  

oh my dog...can you see the expression on my sad little face!  Momma made me try on my comfy cone just to make sure it fit.  mean....plain ol' mean! 


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