Monday, November 27, 2023

Getting my Pre-Spay Bloodwork

 Momma came home one afternoon early from work and said "Come on Cora we are going Bye Bye" I ran out of the door so fast I didn't realize we forgot Poppy.  Hmm...weird...mommas usually more responsible than that.

Then we reached our destination.  I was not happy.

I tried hiding but momma reached back and plucked me out of the carseat.

The next thing I knew I was zipped up in my travel bag and inside the vets office.

Pawlese momma do make me get a pokie!

When she insisted I must I got furry angries.

I tried one last plea.


We were called back to an exam room.  I was whisked away to the back.

They pokied me. stole me bloods, and a million hours later returned me to my momma.

Once back in the car I let momma know of my anger.

I flew out of my travel bag...hopped... da carseat...


...a few good...


...and refused.... look at momma for pictures.

Upon arrival home I sat on the show momma how angries I was wif hers.  No momma I will not sits wif yous.

and I don't want my picture taken.

To show my real anger I went and got in my crate.  My eyes were glowing red.

Moments later momma offered me wet food and all angers disappeared.


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