Thursday, November 2, 2023

Packing? Grandpa Tigger? Family in Town? OH MY!!!!

 Grandpa Tigger was in and out of the hospital for quite some time sick.  Once he reached a certain point they advised that Doggy Nanny should start thinking about hospice at home.  When we heard this news we decided that we would have to be there with them so that momma could help Doggy Nanny care for him.  We got together a little bag of supplies.  1st on the list...kibbles. 

...leashes, toy...

....shirts and diapers.  (due to Cora and her season)

We also got out the little carrier so that Cora could have away time if needed since we expected family to come in soon.

After that we fell asleep and I even used Cora as a pillow...but shes not as soft as Lucy used to be.  Shame!

Sometime around 2 am we got a call Granpa Tigger probably wouldn't make it home to hospice.  Momma ran as fast as her broken leg could take her to be with him at the hospital.

As the sun rose...we learned he passed in the night.  We got out furry early and went over to Doggy Nannys to be with her.  

Let's go momma!  Doggy Nanny needs our loves.

On the Road.

We did a little of this...

...little of that....

...more of dis....

and of course this.

Post suppers we were all feeling a bit tired.

I got wrapped up in me blankie.

Uncle Teddy hit the toy box.

and Poppy took Doggy Nannys chair.

Once Momma, Aunt Net, Uncle W and Doggy Nanny were done chatting we packed up and headed home.

Poppy and Cora

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  1. We're so sorry to hear your Grandpa went to the human Bridge. Doggy Nanny is so lucky to have you all close by to help comfort her during this sad time.