Monday, November 6, 2023

It's Cora Season

 Well....this sucks....I officially came in season.  (9-29-23).  I was hoping to never have this happen again.  Since I will be spayed now that I live here in Texas. (FYI I am scheduled to be spayed November 22th so momma will have a few days off to help me recover).   But mother nature had other plans.  This is not my first rodeo...but it was for momma.  

Thankfully it happened after I learned to love snuggle time.  Momma rocks me and scratches me and makes me feel better.  

Luckily we have a big strong fence and no boys around so no chance of me getting pregnant.  Im done with that stage of life.  Its time for me to retire the momma life and be the baby now.

When going to Doggy Nannys I had to wear a diaper.  *Shudder*

It makes my butt look big doesn't it!

Thankfully momma put down sheets all over the house and puppy pads on the floor so I didn't have to be diapered at home.  That would have been a nightmare.  

Note from the momma: this is the first time I have dealt with a dog in season.  Its not as bad as I expected. However it came at a bad time....doesn't it always.  I was trying to coordinate with the landlords to have our floors looked at and replaced....the girls couldn't go to doggy nannys as I didn't want to put that on someone else...a death in the family...and I couldn't leave her at home for fear she might escape. 

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