Saturday, November 4, 2023

Stinky Itchy Ears

Somehow I have found myself back at the vet.  No momma I will not look at you for a picture. 

Oh Cora....Why must I be drug along?!!?

 Just because I shake my head all the time, scratch my ears all the time and smell of wet dog doesn't mean there is an issue.  

Yes it does drive me crazy at times...

....But I don't wanna get pokies!

Vet Tech: Miss Cora
Oh snap peas....thats me!

Once in the exam room I took a seat on mommas shoe.  Yes I am that tiny.

Momma they aren't doing anything to me right?

The tech came in asked what was going on with Miss Cora. 

Whew!  Didn't hear my name mentioned. 

Obligatory table picture.

Momma get me down now!  I do not like this.  


Poppy did you hear that?


Its the dogtor isn't it.  


Momma don't let them take me.

No sir I do not want to go wif you.  

Well shucks!  

Poppy HELP!  They are sticking things in my ears!!!!

Sorry Mommas got me leashed I can't help!

You got this Cora I believe in you!

I didn't like that not one little bit nope no sir!


Momma, this is not time for pictures.

Dadnabit my ears are super itchy now.


That smells bad!

Anyhoo....just waiting on the ear cytology.

Still itchy...

So super itchy!



I apparently have Yeast and Cocci 1+ in both ears.  Creepy!

Yes I concur creepy!

Mother do we have to keep her?  She has cocci in her ears.  

Ok fine we can keep her....can we at least go home now?


I got an antibiotic and 2 ear ointments.  Due to the amount of treats given I took my meds for the full duration with no issue.

Update: since finishing the meds I no longer smell of wet dog and my itchyness has gone away.  


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