Friday, November 3, 2023

RIP Grandpa Tigger

We again grieve for someone who was a big part of our lives!  Its just not fair.  But Jesus called Grandpa Tigger to be with him up in Heaven.  And don't you know Miss Lucy was right there at Heavens Gate to welcome him with open paws!  Grandpa Tigger was a lively grandpa....full of fun....full of stories....full of life.  It was my greatest pleasure to be his little squirrel dog.  He was the best look out for squirrels in the big trees we have in Doggy Nanny backyard.  He was never much one for the "froo froo" dogs but when you are a squirrel hunter like me....I won him over.  

We had to stay home but momma reported the funeral was sweet.  There were lots of family and friends (even some as far away as MN to pay their respects) in attendance.  

After the funeral momma and family went to Aunt M's house and her dog Tuffy was quite the emotional support doggie.  

 So its not goodbye.  Its we will see you later!  Tell Lucy to Stay, Be Good and We love you both!

Poppy & Cora

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