Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Cora's Spay Day

 Today's the day! 

I was super nervous....

...but Poppy and momma both reassured me it would be ok.  CPV did Poppys spay like a hundred years ago and she did fabulous.  So I put on a brave face!

Momma slid me into my travel bag.  I fought less this time.  

Waiting to be called back.

Once in the exam room I got weighed.

Ma'am I do not like being held by strangers...

...thank you!

Momma do I really need my picture taken?

Once Dr. Sultimier came and discussed the surgery procedure to momma and went over the risks. I was taken back.  It was hard on us both to be seperated.  Momma did ask that if it was possible she would love to have some kennel pictures from my big adventure.  And well the tech was super super sweet and said of course.  Here are my pictures.

I was treated like a queen.  Blankies on blankies on blankies!  Thank you CPV for treating me so well!

And bonus points for all the scritches!

After work momma came to pick me up.  All the techs said I was a joy to have in the clinic and everyone fell in love with me!  She got my meds and my take home paperwork.

Then she got me.  The sweet tech saw momma had a cane and all my paperwork and chews so she escorted me to the car. thanks!

Once in the car I tried to play it cool...
...but couldn't get comfy.

I cried a lil and that made momma sad.

But we got home furry quick.

still gave momma side eye.

Lets go inside.

I collapsed in my crate.

Poppy sniffed me all over....then demanded attentions from momma.

I then opted for the fuzzy blankie.  I slept most of the evening.  I took my meds like a big girl. 

Momma reported I didn't have any issues and my surgery suit was perfect.


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