Thursday, November 30, 2023

Doggy Nanny's Day Care Service

 Momma woke us up furry early....did her usual work routine but then she surprised us and said....come on girls lets go!  OH MY DOG!  We flew out of the door faster than mommas ever seen.  We ran straight the car no sniffing or wandering.  Fun Times!  We arrived at Doggy Nannys house and momma slipped us in the house.  I think everyone was still sleeping as the house was super quiet.    

That changed when we got there.  We got brekkie, treats, yard time and even had a surprise visitor UNCLE TEDDY!

Oh yea and see where I am....Yep I jumped right in Doggy Nannys Lap.  She has a fuzzy blankie, gives DA BEST scritchies, and has treats.  I see why Poppy and Angel Lucy loved being here so much!  

There was one little mishap....I may have accidently slipped threw the fence and went on a little adventure out in the field behind Doggy Nannys house.  That happens when you are mouse sized.  Doggy Nanny and Aunt Net came running out when they saw me in the field and called for me.  I hopped through the same hole I left from and went back to the porch.  Funny thing is Doggy Nanny and Aunt Net went on out through the gate and up and down the field looking for me.  hmm...super silly if you ask me.  I was right there on the porch the whole time. is how we spent our day....enjoy!


Lots and lots of scritches!

Nests and naps.

Squirrel and suspicious person patrol.

Found a lone was comfy.

I tried to get on the big couch...

....but couldn't make it my wee little legs were too smol!

There was lots of food and bowls to prevent any guarding of resources.

I patrolled the back yard as well for tree rats.

I showed Doggy Nanny my dance moves for treats!

She is so liberal with treats.  

Momma could take lessons on that.

More treats per pup momma....treats are good.

We about lost our minds when momma got off work to come pick us up.  Moments later I passed out.

Poppy got a second wind and found a hedge hog skin to tear up.

But soon fell tired and got in her nest again. 

After a power nap I got back in Doggy Nannys lap for last minute scritches.

On da belly pawlese.

Dis side now pawlese!

When we arrived home we found out that we had to go to daycare because the flooring in the apartment needed to be replaced.  We are so thankful our landlords take such great care of us.  

I dreamed all night those scritchies....i can't wait to go back to Day Care.  Thanks Doggy Nanny!!!


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