Monday, May 31, 2021

Ready For My Close Up - Bonus Bloopers Included

 I am dressed head to tail in unicorns.  I am ready for my close up!

Oops maybe a little too close.  

Ahh thats better.  

Sad eyes for treats!


Bloopers: Treats enroute.



Sunday, May 30, 2021

Head Rubbing Time

 Doggy Nanny has the best quilts for head without further ado...

All froo!



Saturday, May 29, 2021

Our Oklahoma Cousins Came For A Visit

 OH MY DOG!  Last Sunday we awoke to furry good news.  Our cousins were coming for a visit.  

Poppy reporting for duty as dashboard gremlin.

We arrived before our cousins.  I nabbed my favorite sitting spot to watch the food prep.

And I may or may not have sneak-ded my way up onto the chair in hopes of getting a bite.

Doggy Nanny came to our rescue and brought us treats.  

We huddled in close as to not miss a crumb.

Then everyone arrived.  We have uncle Teddy and cousin Margaret.

I found a grand place to relax while the hoomans talked.  I was sitting on the couch, leaned back into doggy nanny's lap, received scratched from doggy nanny and belly rubs from cousin Kim.  Life is good!

Once I was fully scratched I made my way back to the back of the couch. 

and watched a zoo program. 

Once cousin Margaret had time to sniff around and get comfortable I hopped down to say hello.

*Sniff* *Sniff*

Hmm...this chair seems empty let me fill it up.  Finders keepers.  

We ventured outside and Margaret was furry interested in following Poppy around.  

I observed from the porch.  It was a tad bit hot for my liking.

As per usual Poppy found a stinky thing.

And proceeded to show cousin Margaret how she rolls on it.  

Ensuring both sides are rubbed equally. 

To my surprise Aunt Gracie even joined in on the rub.  Nice form!  

Way to go Gracie!!!!!!!

After a run around the yard Uncle Teddy joined me on the porch for observation.  

After all that it was time to say good bye.  Cousin Kim, Dave and Margaret it was fantastic getting to see you all!  Can't wait to get together again.  And I hope we can make a trip up to see you all.  From what Margaret told us cousin Emmett seems like a super fun guy and the only cousin we haven't met in the furs!  

A road trip does sound super fun!  We haven't been anywhere outside of the county in literal years.  BOL  

As we left Doggy Nanny's house we were met with this awesome cloud display.  Isn't it beautiful!

.01 seconds later I fell asleep under the A/C vent and....

...Sissy crashed right behind me.  

Once home I went straight to my room and resumed napping.  I wasn't heard from again till supper time.  



Friday, May 28, 2021

I Don't Think They Are Taking Me Seriously

 All puppies reporting for guard duty!

Alert!  Robin chases squirrel away from tree!  Alert!

*Alert* Sammy is standing by the gate across the street.  *Alert*



I just don't think they take me seriously in this dress.  HMRPH!



Thursday, May 27, 2021

New toys

 There has been string of deaths at Doggy Nanny's house in the toy department.  For which I may or may not have been involved.  So I recently went on a little shopping trip and found these little fellas.  

Aunt Gracie come see what I have!!!

Ok...throw them...throw them...throw them!!!

Go Gracie Go!

Are they good for chewing?

Now for the raccoon.  

He's mine!!!!!

Ummmm...Poppy can I have a try now?

He is super plush!  Very nice!!!

Meanwhile Lucy was again doing Lucy things.  BOL

So Aunt Gracie did I pic winners?

Oh my in a surprise turn of events Lucy decided to play tug with not only momma...

...but me too.