Monday, May 10, 2021

Updates, Refilling Galliprant and New Pill Poppers


4-17 I went to 1/2 tablet galliprant (for my knees) every day as well as keeping on my cosequin gcm.  Still ding well on pain management. Currently on Apoquel 2x daily. Its been a little stressful taking so many pills so much but I am holding on. 

4-19-2021 Since being on Apoquel twice daily (first dose 4-14-2021) my itching went down to literally none.  Momma can count on one hand how many times shes seen me biting at my foot/leg. Momma says I even sleep better.  I am not constantly jerking or getting up to scratch.  I must say I feel more relaxed.

4-23 I stopped galliprant and can go back on as needed.   I did order a months supply of Galliprant from, so we will have it on hand.  In the box I received some new pretty purple pill guns.  These have a nice soft rubber tip.  Pill times much easier now.

4-26-21 Monday morning was quite hectic and momma forgot my am apoquel since it was so close to the change over we didn't worry about it and thus began 1 apoquel per day.  That evening Momma found some pill pockets in the cabinet.  Since I have been taking my Cosequin GCM chewable so well (and even snatching it off the table before she can give it to me)...

...she decided to try putting my apoquel (and galliprant when I take it) in the pill pockets.  Momma wrapped the pill up, gave it to me, and held my chin to ensure I wouldn't drop it and ya know what....I kind of liked it.  It was shaped like a meatball so I didn't notice the pills and it was hickory flavored.  Does this mean I am a grown up doggie since I can take meds without fuss?  

5-3-2021   Momma offered sliced cheese to hid my pills last night but it was no bueno, I'm sticking with pill pockets!   After going to one Apoquel per day my itchies are still under control.  Mommas noticed a few itchy moments but its just quick itches mostly on the feet and where my bracelets sit.  We are hoping as we we head out of spring and into summer we can taper off Apoquel and just go back to zyrtec.  Under dogtor supervision, of course.  I am still taking my hickory pill pockets and Cosequin gcm chewable treats with no fuss.  For now unless something major happens this is the last little update.  To end this post I will show you my fancy medication caddy.  Its just big enough for all my stuff.  Heartworm meds, pill pockets, gcm, pill popper, prescription and otc medications.  



P.S. I give a big THANK YOU to our vets at CPV for helping us find the right medication to help me feel better.  Each vet and tech listened to us and helped us find the source of my pains.  

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