Tuesday, May 18, 2021

An Unexpected Visitor

It was just a normal day at Doggy Nanny's when all of a sudden....

We spotted something.  *ALERT**ALERT*

Seems to be a male brindle pibble.  

He was a big sweetie.  We got the opportunity to sniff through the screen.

Look how tall he is!  We are both standing on our tippy toes.

Can I go out?

Don't listen to momma, let me out Doggy Nanny!  

It was nice to meet you friend!

Ummm...Doggy Nanny where are you going?  Why are you taking the treats outside?  I havent gotten a treat in like 18 minutes.  Would you believe Doggy Nanny gave him treats before giving us treats.  OH my!

After getting some treats he decided to relax on our porch causing us to bark continuously. 

Wanna know why I wasn't in the sniffing pictures?  Huh?  Momma had a death grip on me and held me back.  She babbled on about how I would "yell" and "holler" and that was "not acceptable. " 

Then she did this.  She closed the blinds so we couldn't see him anymore.  RUDE PLAIN RUDE!!!



1 comment:

  1. OMD, I hope the pibble realizes it was your momma being rude and not you! How embarrassing!