Friday, May 14, 2021

Double Shift = Daycare Sleepover!

 OH MY DOG!  Mommas been on this OT kick at work and well we got another Daycare Sleepover on Cinco de Mayo.  Whoop!  Whoop!  We packed the essentials dental treats, bacons, and meds.

Momma added poppys sports bra (harness) and our leashes.

Alright we are all packed and ready to go!

By 730 we were on the road.

Thinking about all the treats Doggy Nanny will give us!

Lucy its too early to think.  I'm still in sleep mode.

Making sure all my treats are still in the bag where they are supposed to be.

C'mon MCD's get that soda out here so we can get to Doggy Nanny's car before momma goes into work!

Upon arrival to work Doggy Nanny and Grandpa were waiting for us!  #sleepybuthappy

Hi aunt Gracie can I gives you kisses!

I literally couldn't control my excitement and was jumping from the front, to the back to the doggie carseat.  

I did manage to stop and pose for one picture for momma.  But I was photobombed. 

Poppy's obligatory photo looked more like a mugshot but what can you expect from a gremlin at 745 in the morning. 

Alright Grandpa lets get this doggie mobile on the road!

At daycare we did a lot of this.....

and this...

Doggy Nanny kept momma updated via text.

Fast forward to Thursday evening momma returned to pick us up from daycare.  We gave her a joyous welcome and then proceeded to play bitey face

I laid down between momma and Doggy Nanny making sure I was within reach of both.

Doggy Nanny tattled on a couple bad behaviors.  

I swear momma it was Poppy not me!  *Insert Sad Eyes*

One last round of bitey face before we go.

We were all tuckered out. Once home we headed straight for bed and weren't heard from again till morning.


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  1. You're so lucky that Doggy Nanny lives close enough to go see her so much!