Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Embark Results for Cora Jean

The Results Are In!

 Drum Roll Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was totally not on our bingo card, but looking back at pictures I can forsure see the maltese on Willows side with the smaller ears, lower ear set, and fluffy fur.  And on Beaudroux's side chihuahua chinese crested mix just like Poppy.  

For health I am clear on all but one.  I show to have 2 copies of the Dwarfism gene.  

From Embark:
What does this mean for Cora Jean?

We do not know whether this increases the risk that Cora Jean will develop this disease.

Research studies for this variant have been based on dogs of other breeds. Not enough dogs with the breeds in Cora Jean have been studied to know whether or not this variant will increase Cora Jean’s risk of developing this disease.

She inherited both copies of the variant we tested

What can you do?

If your dog is affected, we recommend the following actions:


Monitor for signs of hypoglycemia, including not eating, lethargy, and inability to stand. Call your veterinarian immediately for advice if you notice these signs.


In it relative...relatives...anyhoo...I have a sibling on Embark.  His name is Pablo Escobar.  We reached out to his family but haven't heard back.  We see he has similar features as Willow and I.  Softer ears, lower ear set, blonde fur.  Can't wait to connect with him!

While it was surely unexpected results it is so much fun to find out this information.  


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