Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Squirrel Patrol and Relaxiation

 Doggy Nanny has this giant yard.  

Its full of squirrels!

Poppy taught me this is the best look out spot cause they like to climb down this tree into the yard.

I stayed posted at my spot.  Didn't see a squirrel this go around but i know they will be out soon.

Mother let us in...its cuddle time!

So tired from squirrel patrol!

Mother are pictures necessary?

Did you hears a noise?

Sounded like the garage...hmm...

Oh boy Doggy nanny arrived home just after we got there and I totally left momma to sit with Doggy Nanny...Don't tell momma but she is way better at scritches!!!!

Plus Gracie is fluffy and makes a great pillow!

After a grand time at Doggy Nanny's it was back to home for some sissy cuddles!


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