Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Somethings Missing

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new Barbie Dream Crates....but something seemed to be missing.

I grabbed a chewie and did some thinking.

Then it hit me....we need to personalize the exteriors!  Since Poppy has so many tags, we started with hers.  I found this perfect purple heart.  It fits the Barbie Dream Crate Theme and the color really pops with the pink crate.  

And since we don't wear our rabies/city license tags on our everyday collars we hung those up too.  They are on little command hooks so if we are going to be out and about we can just slip them off the crate and onto our harnesses.  

The whole doggie corner.  Excuse our mess mommas been slacking on putting our clean clothes away.  

Momma then surprised us with a crate tag from Trash Panda!  

Its the life in the dreamhouse tag!!!!!

And here it is on the door.

We even made a custom phone background for momma to match.

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