Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Purina Pro Plan Food Challenge - 5 Mo

When I came to live here in Texas my skin wasn't the best and I was a little thin.  My skin was itchy, red, irritated, and just overall yucky.  My previous owner fed me Little Cesars exclusively.  Which I admit was super yum...but didn't do much for my skin health.  Once I got on Poppy's food of Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin Salmon formula, joint supplements and salmon oil....My whole world changed.  I gained a bit of weight, my skin became less itchy, and my fur started growing.  Odd yes I know.  But I do feel better too.  Here is a before and after of my fur growth. My tail is fluffier, my pantaloons are longer and my leg furnishings are longer.  Even my crest (the signature feature of my breed) has become softer, fluffier, fuller and longer.  I am like a whole new pup!!


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