Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Cora's Embark DNA Test

 Hmmm...a box for lil ol me?

Ooh so pretty and colorful!

Interesting art work.

Unleash my story....activate, swab and mail?

This will tell me my family history?  Neat....and excuse me you said the swab goes where?

Oh my dog!  What an experience.  Momma took this sponge that was as big as me and put it in my mouth...swished it around, rubbed it on both cheeks and the whole thing last like 700 dog minutes!

After momma shook the tube with the purple stuff...Hey wait a minute was that like a dipping sauce or something...maybe thats why the sponge was so dry.  Anyhoo we put the sample in the bubble mailer.

Got ready for shipping.

*eek* I still have the taste of sponge in my mouth! off the tab....

...seal it up.

...and away it goes.

After things settled and I got the sponge taste out of my mouth with a treat...Poppy explained that Embark does doggy DNA tests.  They look at you spit at a microscopic level and can tell breed, hair type, frame type, and inherited genes pertaining to health.  That does sound pretty cool.

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