Friday, December 17, 2021

OTCWF - AKC Scent Work Trail - Day 1

 While I was at the groomer Poppy helped momma pack up the car with the trial accessories.

The next morning we were up furry early to get to the trail site.  Look at that sunrise.  

Getting into the scent work zone.  

The doors open at 8.  I was in the zone and ready to sniff.

We chose our crate spot and momma wheeled me in place.  

She unpacked our gear and my crate top was full.

Then it was time to check in.  

We were team 105.

Momma can I get a few treats.  I hungry!


Now Im ready to search!

While we waited we cut the pinkie off my glove.  This way we can practice all the way up till the start line.  (side note: in novice Mrs Oldham said we can do a second sniff during the search)

We decided to check the spy cam and see what Poppy was up to and this is what we found.  hmm.  I think she is glitching out being all alone.

Blinds went up to section off areas  for the buried searches.  Its getting close to search time. 

Boxes Boxes everywhere.  

Ooh ribbons!

I decided to take a power nap while...

...momma rearranged the gear atop my crate.

Team Twinkle Twinkle Lucy Star!  

Momma went to the breifing.  She learned that the Trail 1 and Trial 2 for handler discrimination would run back to back down a long hall way.  When HD Novice is called we will line up in the dirt arena, wait by the elevator for the ring steward to bring you a new box to put your glove in, the box will be place in the trial 1 section, then you may approach the start line.  Once you search you go by the stairs and the ring steward will rehide the box for t2.  Then exit out the far end with your box.  Mrs Oldham did give us a bit of advice that a hot glove will fill a space with odor.  So keep them gloves in a warm spot all the way till its time to place it in the box.  Luckily all of our mommas have the perfect place to store gloves.  iykyk

Mrs Oldham had to run her dog Kate in Detective first then Novice HD would be called.  Momma relayed the info to me and a couple of other novice handlers that missed the briefing.  

About 20 minutes later we were told to line up.  We made our way out to the red dirt arena.  We were near the back so we had a bit of a wait and I decided.... just make myself comfortable.  #SplootLife Much to mommas horror.  I just got my hair done and I was sprawled out in the dirty dirt.  BOL  

As we moved up closer to the front of the line.  Momma kept my attention while we played...

....a little game called....

....Glove!  Call alert momma its right here!!!!

We handed my glove off to the ring steward and my box was placed.  We approached the start line, Momma showed me the glove finger and asked me to search.  In HD there are 2 rows of 5 boxes.  I went down the left side, up the right, rechecked a few of the boxes, made my selection and looked at momma.  She called alert and we were told "Yes that is correct!"  We collected our ribbon and went over by the stairs to wait for the box to be rehid.  We approached the second start line, momma gave me the glove to sniff and asked me to search.  I went down and back again.  Sniffed a few boxes a second time to ensure I had the right one and gave momma the look.  She called "glove" but quickly corrected herself and called alert.  Silly momma!  We were then given a chuckle and a "yes that is correct".  We were given our 2nd ribbon and our HD box with the glove inside.  We found a quiet spot out of the way to take a pic.  Just me and my box!!!!

Back at the crating area we got a pic of my ribbons.

Affixed them to the door for safe keeping....

...then I literally fell asleep.  

After my power nap we momma grabbed a "rig" pic.  Complete with my HD box and all.

We checked on Poppy again and here is what we found.  Shes still glitching.  Poor sissy!

This is Junior from Kansas City.  He was crated next to us.  He did Novice buried and q'ed as well.  Way to go bud!!!!!

Trial 1's scores posted around lunch time.  In my first HD search I got 4th place with a time of 20:10 seconds and 0 faults.  

Trial 2's scores didn't get put out and we were both tired so we decided to head home since we were done with runs.  

We will get the times tomorrow.  



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