Thursday, December 16, 2021

Oh NO! My Toe Nail....Its Broken!

 Actually its missing.  After my antibiotics and pain meds I was on the mend.  Then momma noticed my nail was "loose" like a tooth.  She made all sorts of weird noises.  She said it was creepy.  Anyhoo.  She talked with Dr. Hoffman and she said that it was to be expected and should be fine.  Momma came home one evening and went to check my paw and found that my nail was in fact gone.  

This was the best pics she could get as it "creeped" her out.  Um momma you worked in a vet clinic this shouldn't creep you out.  You have seen worse. 

Anyhoo we are keeping an eye on it and wait for it to regrow.  


Pee Ess: Im still mad at Poppy for this attempted murder and now the loss of my beautiful nail.  

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