Friday, October 13, 2017

Marshall County Co-Op Family Pet Day

9-23-17 The Marshall County Co-op hosted a Family Pet Day event. 

There were vendors, door prizes and a trainer coming in for demos.

OOH Look at that custom van!

It's Wren's Pet Lodge Trainer Mr. McElya who was presenting the training demo.

There were quite a few doggies in attendance.

We found a seat on the feed bags to listen to the trainer.

We took a business card.

Momma says I minded my manners and we practiced not jumping on people when they came over to me to say hello.

I made furiends with Miss Luna and we sniffed noses while her papa talked to the trainer.  She is furry sweet.

As we were looking around the store momma heard her name being called.  We had won a door prize of treats from the Nutro Brand.  Oh my dog!  It's my lucky day!

We got back to the car I fell right asleep.  1 and a half hours of listening, shopping and practicing manners is hard on a young pup!

The photo momma posted on fb.

Puppy Growls,