Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I Met the Easter Bunny

4-8-16 I had to wake up furry early on a Saturday morning it was my spa day!  Oh how I do love getting pampered.  After grooming mommy said we had someone special to meet. 

So while we drove from the groomer to Petsmart I took a nap in my carseat. 

We grabbed a buggy and then I saw her!

Its Betty Easter Bunny!!!!!

She is the sweetest bunny I have ever met.  Ok she's the only bunny I've ever met but she is the sweetest!!!

Thank you for taking a photo with me Betty!  Smooches!

Here is my official photo from Petsmart.

Puppy Growls,

Note from the momma: For her first event she did spectacularly!  She waited patiently for her turn, met some furry friends, did  the "watch me" command perfectly, and didn't try to run from or bite the Easter Bunny.  I am SOOO PROUD! #ProudPoodleMom


  1. Sounds like you had fun meetin da Easter Bunny!

  2. Look at you and Betty! How precious, Lucy! Did she give you a marshmallow chick?

  3. Look at YOU Miss Lucy... you have Met the BUNNY and SHE is YOURS...
    LOVE your picture with Betty Bunny.
    Your car seat is super duper.
    We are PROUD of your good behavior. Bet BETty will leave you 87 thingys when she comes to your HOUSE on Sunday.