Monday, April 3, 2017

Earning my Badge of Bravery

4-1-17 April 1st is typically a day for pranks.  So when momma said it was time for vaccinations again I thought she was pulling my tail!  I just went on March 16 for a booster shot and March 2 before that.  She told me it was no prank and I had to get my last set of vaccinations for the year.

When we got there I retrieved my record from Mrs. Donna and went to the back to wait my turn. While we waited momma filled out a "Surgery Consent Form" for a "SPAY" surgery.  Hmmm...wonder what "spay" means?  Oh well its my turn now.  First I had to be weighed.

Im a whopping 4.8 lb or 2.15 kg.

Then I got to meet a new person.  Her name is Dogtor Rushing.  She listened to my heart, gave me an exam and cleaned my ears.

She said everything thing looks good and then she went to grab something.  She came back with two containers.  This is not good.  Usually I only have to get one vaccination.  She explained that I had to receive my last 7-way booster and get a Rabies vaccine.  Its the law to have a yearly Rabies Vaccine in the state of Kentucky.  Hmm...was this a prank?  I looked at momma and she said it was true.  When they poked me I cried.  When it was all over I ran back to momma, she held me and told me it would all be ok.

Once I was done momma ordered me some more Interceptor Plus for heartworms and Nexgard for Fleas/Ticks.  My goodness I don't understand why she wants to buy more.   I took those last month on the 15th and I didn't care for them.  They are fake treats that smell funny.  :(  However, as a reward for my cooperation today momma got me a bag of cet chews.  They are good for me toofers and taste even better!

Then Mrs. Donna gave momma something shiny!  Oooh what is that?

Momma explained that when puppies are brave and get all their vaccinations they get a special tag, the Badge of Bravery, to hang on their harness.  WOW!  Thats pawsome!  Now when I go out everyone will see I am a brave puppy!

Puppy Growls,


  1. OMD Lucy... you TRULY Deserve a Bravery Badge fur puttin up with all THAT poking and stuffs. BUTT at least it is Over fur a while...
    Love your Easter Blog Look.

  2. Yes, you are a very brave girl, Lucy, and I've had those cet chews before at my vet's office and they are very yummy!

  3. You are very brave for such a tiny little pup - we are proud of you!!! We get Bravecto and Heartgard and we love the taste!!!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  4. What a totally great job you did Lucy!! We are sure glad you were rewarded with both your bravery badge AND treats!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  5. Not only are you a brave puppy but you are just so cute!