Thursday, March 30, 2017

Puppy Class # 3

3-27-17 With the completion of my third puppy class I am officially half way through the course.  Harley was back in class with us this week.  YEA!  We also had a new trainee trainer, so it was a full house.  This week we got to bring some of our toys to class.   It took me forevers and a day to decide but I brought my ring teether and caterpillar teether.

We began with learning drop it.  Our trainer said this is a hard command to do in class because its hard for us puppies to concentrate on playing with toys since our class mates are so much more fun.  She was right.  I simply could not focus on toys, all I wanted to do was play with the boys. 

Harley volunteered to be the demo dog this week with the trainee trainer and while they were working together he got a little "crush" on her.  Oh silly boy!  That behavior is not for class time!  Once the pawrents got the basics of drop it and were told to try it at home we started the next command of "Leave it"/"Take it".  This one is where momma holds a "Leave it treat" in one hand but doesn't give it to us.  This concerned me furry much!  Why would you show us treats we can't eat?

Well this "leave it treat" is to represent something that could be bad for us such as momma's medication or a piece of food that isn't edible.  If momma says leave it about something it is off limits.  Once we look away in the other hand momma has a "take it treat".  Once she gives us the take it command,  we get to eat that one.  Whew!  I was worried I wouldn't get any more treats!!!  I had to concentrate real hard but I did it!

Then Nanette noticed I was ignoring the hand that had the "leave it treat" completely and she told momma to switch it up every time.   After that we moved to the floor and momma would drop the "leave it treat" and put her foot over it.  When I lost interest and looked away, she would give the command and I got the "take it treat". 

Our trainer said that momma can reinforce the "take it" command with anything that the pawrents give us like food dish, toys, or treats.  That way we know what the object/food momma is giving us is ours and ok to play with or eat.

Next we did lie down.  Now I admit I had a little practice on this one at home.  However momma was so proud I could do it on command in class amidst all the distraction of the cute boys!  Once we did a couple practice runs on all the commands of "Down", "Leave it" and "Take it" we were dismissed.  After class I took my official week 3 photo.

On our way out I convinced momma that we should go look at the toy asile and see if there was anything new.  Guess what!  They were having a buy 2 get 1 free sale!  OH MY DOG!!!!  Momma said since I did so well in training class I could pick out some toys to take home.  I found some squeaky tennis balls, a cute lizard, and a chew-y stick.

While momma was paying out there was a little accident.  Oops....I guess I had one too many treats in puppy class and well you know what happens when you eat too much...its gotta go somewheres.  Momma had an odd look on her face.  We didn't celebrate this like usual.  Hmm.  I think I should have waited, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.  Good thing we just refilled the pick up bag supply for class.   After clean up in check out line 3 we went outside, put our stuff in the car, walked over to the grassy area and when I went pee then we celebrated.  Alls well that ends well in my book.  Now why must they make these toys so darn hard to get into don't they know us puppies has no thumbs!  Momma can you help me with this?

Puppy Growls,


  1. OH LUCY... that LEAVE IT one is the mostest Impawtant one EVER. It will keep you SAFE.. when you come upon thingys that could make you Sickie. You are REALLY doing very much superb with your classes. BRAVO to you.

  2. are going to graduate with top honors Lucy!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  3. Sounds like ya did good - even wif da accident.

    By da way, dose tennis balls look like so much fun. I LUV tennis balls.

  4. I remember puppy class! You are doing a great job, Lucy!

  5. Hi Lucy! We just found your new blog and got caught up in everything you have done. You are doing a great job at the training stuff.