Saturday, March 25, 2017

Puppy Class #2

3-20-17 Oh Boy!  Puppy Class #2 was even more fun than Puppy Class #1.  This week it was just me and Vader.  Harley must have been feeling under the weather.  I hope he joins us next week.

Here is my official Puppy Class Week #2 Photo.

We began by reviewing the homework.  Momma didn't have to tattle on me this week as I was a good girl.  I did my clicky training, redirected my finger biting to my toys, and continued to do well on my potty training.  So this week we started loose leash training.

Oh no!  My first thought was I hate that leash and don't even get me started on that itchy collar!!!  Nanette started off by telling our hoomans that they have to wait till we are calm/sitting, then they have to start the walk.  If we pull ahead we have to stop, do a clicky sit,  switch directions, and follow the hoomans.  So momma asked what can be done for a dog who hates the leash and refuses to walk.

Of course Nanette had solution!  Its called a peanut buttery stick.  Its a long wooden rod with a spoon taped on the end that you fill with peanut buttery stuffs!  She had the leash attached to my harness and all I needed was one wiff of the peanut buttery stick and totally forgots all about the horrible leash.  I shouldn't have been so scared of walking on the leash, its actually ok.

We went to the back of the store and Nanette demo-ed to the hoomans what the walk should look like with me as the demo dog and ways for our hoomans too keep us motivated.  She said that through out the walk our hoomans should talk to us, tell us about their day and tell us how good we are doing to let us know that this is the proper behavior.  I like that, its just like celebrating when I go potty outside!  When momma took my leash I did very well,  I only pulled ahead a time or two when I got really excited but with small redirects we were back on track.  I even got to walk with Vader to help him feel confident.  Puppy power!   Once we had a few down and back loose leash walkies under our belt, we got dismissed.  I gave Vader some playbows and kisses and we headed to the car.

I sure was tired after class and fell asleep quickly but...*sniff sniff*....something caught my attention...what is that smell?  Its chickenz!  I popped up from my nap and stuck my head out of the window while momma was talking to the lady in the box at Chick-Fil-A.  Yum Yum!

However the line was long and I fell back asleep before we got to the window so I didn't find any chickenz.  After my second power nap in the car I got home, got a dentastix treat and found my favorite spot on the couch next to momma.  We watched Desperate Housewives on Hulu.  Its mommas new favorite show.  We are almost finished with season 3.

3-21-17 The next day momma went by Petsense, a store near her work, and found a new clicky box that is attached with a finger loop so its easier to clicky.  And if its easier to clicky its easier to treat me.  A win-win siutation!  Bonus points...its purple...thats one of my favorite colors! 

Now I am all caught up on posts about the adventures that have happened since coming to live with momma.  Its been a wild wonderful 3 weeks.  I wonder what momma has in store for us this weekend?!?!

Puppy Growls,

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  1. What a fun 2nd class!! You are such a great student! We hope you can stay awake to get to the chicken window next time!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo