Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Petsmart Academy - Week 6 - I GRADUATED!!!!

Wow its been 8 weeks since I started class (there were 2 weeks off for personal reasons) and its been an amazing journey for me!  I have learned many tricks, learned to trust people/dogs, and got to have lots of one-on-one time wif momma.  This week I had to choose my personal favorite outfit which is my striped jam jams.  Its my signature piece!

When we arrived it got to lookin around and thought....

Its kind of sad this is my last class.  I really like coming here, learning, socializing and getting treats.

But this is a stepping stone to more fun, more cert-i-fit-ikits and of course treats! 

Right momma?!?!?! Yes, ok good to know.

Heres my last official class picture.

We ran through my tricks this time.  Sit, bed, spin, paws up, hup, shake and dance (standing up on my back two paws). 

Then we wanted to work on ringing the bell again.  Miss Rachel had been working wif Salsa on this and I had trick envy.  I kind of get it.  I can touch the bell but sometimes it does make the noise.  I'll keep trying. 

As we were working wif the bell momma caught me in a sit pretty.  I like this one.  I sit on my bum bum and put my front paws in the air.  Momma was just giddy with that.

Meanwhile Miss Rachel taught my big sisfur a new trick, and I thought she knew them all by now, but she is now trained to roll over.  Go Lucy Go! 

Side story Lucy wandered off at one point and Miss Rachel was looking for her and momma said "shes in your prop closet".  Low and behold my sisfur was indeed in the closet just nosing around.  Silly girl! 

Oh and one last side story Miss Rachel forgots to zip up her treat pack and well Lucy was neck deep in treats before she was noticed thieving from the trainer.  BOL I can't take this sisfur anywheres.

After we were done working together momma let me do my roaming thing and while I wasn't looking grabbed her cell phone and got a pic of me including myself in the group activities. We have Salsa with her DIY doorbell in a wooden block, Lucy desperate for a treat from Miss Rachel, and me getting closer than ever to another hooman of my own free will.  I took lots of treats from Miss Rachel and even one from Salsa's momma.  #Practicemakesprogress

All too soon that clock struck 6pm but before we left Miss Rachel had a special gift for me.  My very own CERT-I-FIT-I-KIT!!!!!! 

It has my name on it and everything.  I opted for not wearing the hat and posed wif it instead.  #Petsmartgraduate #igotacertificate #cheese

Before we left Miss Rachel came near to me and sat down.  I didn't run, and she petted me wee little head.  It was kind of nice.  I did get chicken jerky in return for my cooperation.  #yum

When we got to the car momma surprised me wif a bag of bil-jac training treats!  Yipee!

On the way home Lucy and I celebrated my graduation wif a little game of bItEyFaCe!


I win...again!

I would like to send a special THANK YOU to Miss Rachel at the Wichita Falls TX Petsmart for working wif us on making this training class fun and educational.  I learned tricks, manners, and got to socialize.  Its made me a better pupper!

My next adventure will be trying out for my AKC TKN title.  Should be around the end of March.  I can't wait!



  1. Congrats on all your hard work Poppy! And Eddy's proud of Lucy's snoopiness! Is it a poodle thing? Who knows...

  2. get a CHOICE on wearing the hat?! Momma told me it was mandatory!!!