Sunday, May 26, 2019

OTCWF - Beginner Scent Work - Week 9 - Graduation

It's been the best 9 weeks ever!  Meeting new furiends, seeing old furiends, learning scent work and, on graduation week, doing a mock trial.  

We arrived a bit early and watched the interior setup.  I was mesmerized.  Then every started trickling into the club.  We got the low down on the evenings events.  We would have contaniers in the puppy room, interiors in the mirror room as per usual.  This time there would be blind hides (pawrents had no idea where they were) and we would be timed just like in a real trial.

Between run the pawrents sat and chatted.  Momma and I also worked on my manners when people and puppies go by.  Its extra treats so I played along wif hers!

Trial 1 Containers: 2 rows of 5 identical boxes.  Kelly had her clipboard and timer.  As we entered we waited by the door until ready then the timer started as momma said "search".  I went down a few boxes, stopped at one gave an extra sniff.  Momma called alert.  Win!  

Trail 2 Interiors: Approx 144 square feet with items lining the outer edges.  kennels, old treat bags, chairs, grooming table, step stool, cooler etc.  Started right to left.  I paused to get a better sniff of the kennel cause it had a blankie in it and momma though I had found it.  She called alert and was told no.  We continued on without being told where it was and bam.  I found it strong, looked back at momma to say yep dis be it fur real and went  back and sniffed again.  Miss Martha said, "thats it!"   She told momma thats what she needs to look for (high interest and that look back, or pawing done previously, thats me showing momma I did what you asked wheres my treat) was not just the slowing and interest in something.  

Trial 3 Containers: Same set up different box location, no match, walked in, sniffed for a second, found it, momma alerted, and done.

Trail 4 Interiors: Same set up different location of the scent.  We walked into the ring went right to left again.  On the 3 object I came to I slowed, paused, kept putting my head under a hat atop a stool and gave momma the look back.  She called alert and WE GOT IT!!!!  Jackpot treats flowed in my direction.  

Once we finished in interiors we were allowed to stay and watch the following students.  Momma was watching for the differences in pausing to sniff and stopped because they found the source.  Its easier to tell when its not your dog and your not on the timer.  BOL 

Over all Miss Martha said that during all the runs we ranged from 25 seconds to 1 minute to 30 seconds.  During a real trial you have about 2 minutes in novice.  So we all were nice and steady on time.  Yipee!

After Interior trail 4 we sat near the Presa Canaria Kona (Fawn and Black).  We both showed interest in one another and momma asked his dad if we could greet one another.  Remembering my success with being eye level I got on the chair to do my greeting.  I sniffed his cute little ears, and his big adorable nose.  He sniffed my entire left side in one wiff.  Then I got all bouncy and flirty.  I might have even shook my toosh in his face...but no photo no proof.  But I totally did and it was fun!  (this was a pic of us the 1st week of class)

All too soon the 7pm class was coming in I got to see Bat Girl, Wolfie and Brody.  Sadly that meant it was time to bit farewell to Beginner Scent Work and my furiends.   We did have Miss Matha take a look at my birch jar (post on that soon) and she said it looked good.  At a trail they will do 2 drops per swab and we did 4 drops for a 12 swab jar.  So this summer thats what we will be using to practice.  


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