Saturday, May 18, 2019

OTCWF - Beginner Scent Work - Week 8

Week 8....was supposed to be graduation week but with recent storms this was an extra practice week.  Yipee!  We started off with arriving early and doing a couple photos for the blog.  It was hard to focus on pics as this is the area where I get treats.  But here I am surveying the interior search area.

Investigating the extra props.

As everyone arrived I got to say hello to Rufus the all american mix.  He is so cute, smells so sweet and is so gentle!  I gave play bows and wags on the floor but it felt more appropriate to say a real hello from atop a chair.  Once on the chair we were the same height.  BOL!  He let me sniff his head, ear, eye.  

This week on interiors we added a tall cooler.  This was to mimic finding source in tight spaces.  No problem.  I got right in there found that tin and received my treats!  Then she would hid the tin under a mat with the holes covered.  That gave everyone a hard time but I got to do 3 searches with the mat and by 3 it was super easy just had to find the right side it was under and treats were brought down my way.  Miss Martha had a fabulous idea to help with elevated hides.  Put a cone or box under the elevated hide to help catch attention to check that area.  Well that elevated hide was no match for me, I found source, alerted and was treated.  Previously I have had trouble at home with these I like to check "things" and when momma would put the tin on the fridge it just didn't work out.  

On containers we did 2 rows of 5 boxes, just like for the trial.  This time when we found source momma didn't tip the box.  Just rewarded and kept treats coming for staying with the source.  The first search I found it right away.  2nd search I couldn't get my focus off the treats in mommas hand.  (Edit by the momma....I am going to go back to the treat bag, leaving my hand empty while she is searching.  I got out of using the bag when we were doing the self rewarding and having the trainer place treats with the scent.)  3rd search I got my focus back and had to search a few boxes a couple extra times but found that source.  

Next week is now officially Graduation and guess the pup what!  We get to do a mock trail.   The hide will be unknown to the pawrents so it will be up to me to find and up to the momma to yell alert.  We will have to work as a team and I think we got this!


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