Thursday, May 23, 2019

Tons of Rain, A Rainbow and A Poodle on da Radar

Multiple days over multiple weeks recently we have had rain.

Momma kept tabs on the rain in the weather app.  Once she opened it and found a poodle storm brewing.  See it in the middle there just below the blue push pin.  It looks like a mini poodle in a show coat. 

Momma enjoyed watching the storms roll in and out from her office window and showed us pictures every evening when she got off work.   eww!

As for us we were not happy.  Chilly rain drops hitting our defenseless bodies and having wet paws.  Oh it was almost too much to handle!

As those storms passed though we did get a little surprise.  A rainbow arching right over our building and disappearing into the clouds.  How magical!

Hopefully its dry where you are. 

Lucy & Poppy

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