Monday, May 20, 2019

Momma Is A Cheater!

We were snooping...I mean just looking through mommas phone and look what we found.  Photos of dogs that are not us!  Momma calls this her work dog.  He comes to visit, gets snackies from the crews, and trots off at his leisure.

She says he comes by about 3 times a week.

Then we found this!  She is holding, snuggling and fawning over this thing!  Disgusting!

She tried to get rid of the little furs the puppy left behind...but it was no match for my sniffer I found the exact spot where she was on mommas shirt.  I am a scent dog for heavens sake!

I just don't understand why she would cheat on us.  In related news momma added more LuPop decor to her desk.  Its our old grey tags.  More on why they are not on our collars in tomorrows post.

Lucy & Poppy

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