Thursday, May 2, 2019

Our New Favorite Week Day Lounging Spots

Ever since that gate attacked me outta nowheres and we have full run of the apartment we have found new fun spots to lounge upon.  I like to be propped up on pillows on the couch, I am a princess after all, and have and have a gaze at my kingdom via the front window.  Momma says she sees me here every morning now as she is leaving the complex.

Once I am assured there are no suspicious peoples or things I often take naps. 

As does Lucy.  But she prefers to just lay on the regular couch cushion.  How can that be comfortable?

When momma comes home at lunch we rush to greet her, give lots of kisses, then wait for our daily yum yum bones.  Once we have snacked we return to our respective spots.  Sometimes wif chew chews, sometimes toys to destroy.  Depends on the day. 

Currently we are on week 12 of the daycare closure.  Although we did get a half day of unscheduled daycare earlier this week when momma had to have a car repair and grandpa had to chauffeur her around.  It was so much fun!!!!


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  1. I curl up in my den and watch stuffs out the window when I'm not napping. Gotta keep an eye on things!