Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Taking The Scents Outdoors

Now its time to practice exteriors.

Like Martha said we are using a small concrete area with limited distraction.  Simple set up of 4 cones.

Let me out please!  I am ready!

Doing my sit and stay so momma can get the camera ready.


My freeze to take a longer sniff.

Found it

Yep this is it.

My signature paw indication.

Staying here till momma says "YES"

We did a few more of these searches and then moved to elevated.  Tricky Tricky elevated stumped me again.  The scent got trapped in this corner.  Can you spot the tin?

But no fear found it well within the 2 minute time limit.

Licking my lips just thinking about the treats I am about to receive.

 Its here momma...don't you see?

Let me paw it and turn it so you can better see what I mean

Can you see it now?

What fun!!!!


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