Saturday, November 23, 2019

OTCWF Intermediate Scent Work - Week 4

Its Tuesday and you know what that means!!!

Training at OTCWF!

Leash me up momma I'm ready!

Of course I was ready to greet the beautiful pups to class. Fin, Cooper, Clooney and Mr. Justin were all in attendance.  However as soon as I saw puppies and peoples Momma asked me to "Leave It" and "Come Hand Touch" and I did it.  I can focus on momma and forget the other things around me.  We both thought it could never be done but ya know its kinda fun, treats helped.  Momma says a CGC may be possible for us yet.  *Crossed Paws*

Tonight we were out side, believe it or not it was 70 degrees unlike he last few weeks being 40 degrees. We were busy busy busy doing exterior searches, vehicle searches, and BURIED searches!!!!   Vehicle searches were fun, we used our trainers red truck so it incorporated elevated as well and I was spot on per momma.  Keeping my nose up knowing most of the sources were going to be higher.   

For exteriors we had 3 runs each.  All sources found fairly easy.  One in a basket, one under a tub and the other nestled within a broken parking wheel stop.  Also notice the black vehicle is slightly in the search area?  A few of us, including me, searched it as well.   The student was found to have birch stashed in their vehicles grill.  BOL

Then we moved to our first ever buried searches.  We had 2 boxes of sand set up with a shallow buried centrifuge tube.  I walked right up and alerted.  These are very much like container searches so that made it furry easy.  However as the depth increases it will get harder per our trainer.  Challenge accepted.  We are building a mini buried set to practice with at home. 

Back inside for our last runs of he evening we had Handler Discrimination.  One box was empty one contained our pawrents glove.  We each did 3 searches. 

Clooney's mom made us sit apart for most of class so we could both concentrate better.  Well Mr Clooney had other ideas.  Numerous times he was stealth and side stepped his way past Fin the CC and over to me so we could play.  I shook my tooshie in his face and he whispered sweet thing in my ear again.  OH my!!!!  Can't stop true love!


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