Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Sisfur Patrol 2019

Mommas working the late shift again.  We got dropped off at Day Care just after lunch. Its a blistering 38 degrees.  Here was out OOTD.  I am in jam jams and my fleece suit.  Lucys going all natural.  Shes plum crazy!

Here is what we packed.  Greenies, Beggin Strips, and an extra set warm clothes.  A spare pair of jam jams, a hoodie and a onesie.  All for me of course!

We patrolled from our bench. (Don't worry Doggy Nanny keeps the heat on I was in no danger of getting cold)

We had lots of time to patrol.  Saw one rogue deer.  Couple suspicious hoodie wearing people.  All were borked at and ran off.  End of report.

Poppy and Lucy


  1. Oh Poppy, I was FREEZING this morning even all bundled up! I don't know if there are enough layers for you today!

  2. We hit the coldest evening this fall today, not looking forward to winter. Glad day care was cozy.