Saturday, November 9, 2019

OTCWF Intermediate Scent Work - Week 2

Week 2 was PAWsome!  We were literally first to arrive. 

Not even Miss Martha was there yet.  So we had to sit in the car and wait.  Patience is not my strong suit and I got as close to the door as possible while we waited.  Let me out NOW! I got stuff to sniff.

2 classmates were absent. 

but my Cooper was there!  Hes coming in momma!

While Miss Martha got our search areas set up....

I was practicing sitting and waiting nicely when people come in and out of the room.  #PracticefortheCGC

We had one new class mate today a crested named Fin, we met him and his mom at the trial.  He wore his jam jams.  How cute!!!

We did a basic introduction to the glove for handler discrimination.  Pawrents was instructed to toss the glove when we sniff it it we get a "yes" or click then treat.  Easy peasy.  Mommas constantly dropping things I investigate them all.  (We asked if Poppy can train with my glove too and Miss Martha said we can share.  Sharing is caring)

Next we did a containers refresher.  We all seemed to have a little trouble with it but got it in the end.

Then we got to new stuff!  Exteriors.  Miss Martha said that we should start practice on a small concrete surface (with a typical set up of random items in a coned off area) to help us focus on searching scents outside.  When we move to grassy areas place a tin by itself in the grass (in an area with light dog traffic to begin) click and treat for finding.  Next increase difficulty in placing just the tin in a high dog traffic area.   Lastly add the random items/cones (in a high dog traffic areas) to mimic the normal exterior search area. 

Exterior tips for success:
Go potty just before your exterior search.
Walk out to the search area on a collar and at start line switch to the harness.
Don't use our harness for potty breaks at home/trial/class.

After exteriors we did a couple interior searches in the crate room.  First one in, out and done.  Second one she put in a corner piece of tubing.  The tubing (hard plastic non porous) held the odor in place and was furry difficult to locate.  That is something mommas going to add to our practice routine.  Something hard non porous to set hides.   


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