Saturday, June 1, 2019

What's In My Scent Work Case

Classes are over and the trials are coming up in August.  I have been slowing gathering supplies needed to work my nose this summer in preparation.  Here is my Novice level supplies.  

-The ammo can was picked up by Poppy a few months ago at a local discount store.  Its the kind my trainer recommended it has a hefty closure and a rubber seal.  A few weeks ago we received the Scent Work decals and added them to the outside of the box.  These came from Sew Dog Crazy.

-We got qtips (with cardboard stick not plastic), tweezers and gloves at Walmart.  Each were $1.

Then I got my specality items from in the mail.  

They had the best prices and quality supplies.  

-I got one dram of Birch which is the oil I will be seeking in the novice interior and container.  

-I got a new smiley scent tin.  This one will be for birch cotton swabs only.  

-I got a glass jar to store scented swabs.

-And last but not least birch stickers to label my tin and jar.  Once I add the other scents in later this will be very handy to identify which supplies have which scent.

The only thing I will add in the future is the next scent grouping of items.  Oil, jar, tin, and sticker.  

On the yap top I did make a scent label card so momma doesn't get confuzeled.  

As I add scents I will add their sticker here.


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