Monday, June 24, 2019

Good Times At Daycare

My couch, my window, my blankie and my chew chew at DayCare.  All is right in my world!

Did I hear a treat bag rattle?

Guess not.  I am going to move down here so I can see what Doggy Nanny is doing in the kitchen.  And seems I have a pesky sisfur sneaking up on my bully stick.

Not today sisfur!

Ok that fursure was a treat bag!

Got me a true chew but dad-flab-it sisfur got my my stick!

Well I shall sit behind you and wait my turn. 

A few moments later I sneak-ied my way down on the foot of the recliner and retrieved my stick.  But now I am getting furry sweepy.  Must take nap before momma comes to retrieve us.

Night Night,
Poppy N Lucy


  1. Wow! I thought I wanted a new sibling, but not if it means losing my chew sticks!!