Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Bloopers From My Nose-y Photo Shoot

For weeks momma was telling me we have to get a nose-y shot for the blog.  I did have to wait till I got a fur trim cause my furs were outta control!  We took hundreds of photos and got the perfect one.  If you missed it check out yesterdays post about my "Other Scent Work Gear".   Now for the bloopers which in my puppin opinion are just as good!  Enjoy!

First things first momma ripped off me ears.

No seriously...Would I lie to you?


Oops ya caught me.  She just pony tailed them. BOL


Still not right.

Nope again.

Momma are we ever going to get it?

 Ok let me turn sideways....

...getting closer...

Then momma got three in a row of the perfect shot.  Again check yesterdays post to see the final product.

Oh man it felt good to let me ears down.


Small dog 2 doors down alerting to rogue blue jay headed this way.


Momma I am done. Gotta keep the neighboor hood safe from blue jays.

Dagnabbit she nabbed my tooshie! But it is cute so ill allow it!


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  1. OMD, Lucy, you don't look right without your beeYOUtiful fluffy ears!!