Saturday, June 8, 2019

Memorial Day Weekend Pool Pawty

Memorial Day Weekend 2019 was fabulous!  Saturday we got to visit and play with Aunt Gracie.  Sunday we got invited out to Douglas' house for a bbq.  

Once we arrived we set up camp out by the pool. 

What an amazing view. 

Lucy of course made herself right at home.

Then she found a chair.



Back to the view.

We greeted everyone as they arrived.  Ella and her parents,  Hew and family,  Bella the Shihtzu and her momma, and  Miss Lisa.  

Hi I Lucy!

We went inside to get a drink and check on food prep.  

Douglas did some doga.

Then camped out...

...wif me in the kitchen.

Back outside both Lucy and I were curious about the pool but mostly just watched the kiddos splashing.

We splored the back yard.  Douglas' mom Miss Cindy has some lovely flowers!  

Once the burgers, hot dogs, and ribs were off the grill...

...Lucy found herself a quick friend and a nice sittin spot.  I followed Douglas' lead and stayed by the children to see if they dropped anything.  I did score a potato chip so alls good in my book.

Douglas may or may not have went face first into Hew's food.  No proof though.  BOL but it was funny!

Then it happened....I got a little too close to the pool edge and the water snatched me right up.  I fought against the mighty current and somehow was pulled from the raging waters.  

(Edit by the momma: I never in a million years thought they would get anywhere near the water let alone close enough to fall in.  Both avoid puddles like the plague. However she went to sniff the water and in she went.  Lisa and I saw and it was frighting we both bolted over to the pool when it happened.  I did however find that little Poppy is quite the swimmer.  She went out towards the center of the pool, down towards the deep end, then circled back to the shallow end where I was able to pull her out of the water.  Once out her little paws were still paddling.  Lisa grabbed us a towel and I got her all wrapped up).

This was a life changing moment.  

I was even disrobed, collar and all, infront of the guests.  #embarrassed

Lucy sat and watched while I was dried off.

Then fell asleep.

*5 Minutes Later* Once fully dried I had a renewed zest for life and felt more alive than ever.  So began the Puppy 500.  Momma even got VIDEO of us! Link to our Youtube channel and the video here. And done.

We went inside to sing Happy Birthday to Bella ShihTzu's mom.  

How does one get a slice of cake?  Hello, anyone listening?

As most were eating cake Douglas, Hew's mom and I played wif toys.  Also included in the video above is a clip of Douglas and I playing.

The day was winding down, people were packing up, and we hopped in the car.  

I got furry sleepy.

Started to drift away.


I missed seeing that we were back in our home county.

I was woken up however by the sound of crying.  Lucy was alerting everyone within a 10 mile radius we had arrived home.  

To Douglas, Cindy and Donnie THANK YOU for having us out.  It was a great time with great furiends!  

Oh ps we almost furgot we found a feathered furiend on our way home.  

Poppy & Lucy

(Edit 2 by the momma: I had been very worried about taking Poppy with her recent behavior of barking at the neighbors for walking past our apartment when we are out in the back yard.  When we arrived I had a bag of treats on hand and as the first few people started coming in and our hosts were out and about I was giving treats when she was ignoring them walking by.   All in all, to my surprise she did well, actually she did great.  She had only 2 instances where she barked at someone and it was a child who was just excited.  With everyone else, adults and dogs, she did not bark, not even once.  It gives me hope.  We are still working on her behavior on leash at the apartment.)