Saturday, October 5, 2019

Let's Bake

No, not that kind of baking.  We are baking some q-tips for scent work practice.  I am going into Advanced Containers at the next trial.  With moving up there will be 2 known hides and can include Birch and/or Anise. So we must get ready and  practice.  For this part I will turn it over to momma.  Puppies should NEVER play with the oils only search for them when they are in tins.  :)

Let's Bake!

First you put a few drops of oil on the side of the jar.  Roll oil around to coat the jar before adding qtips.  The oils from K9 Nose work have a built in dropper that makes it super easy.

Now add q tips and shake thoroughly.  Make sure lid is on tight and let sit for 24 hours or more.

Fast forward 2 days....Add q-tips to tin.  I put stickers on my tin and have a sticker key to ensure I know whats in each tin or what was in each tin.

For the small smiley face tins I put three q-tips and a magnet.  Now they are ready to be used.

Once the tins are ready  I keep them in foil to preserve the oil between practice runs. I have an Anise Tin, Cocktail Tin and Birch tin.

To keep the scents a novelty to my girls I keep our tins in this air tight tackle box.

I love the products from  They offer small jars, AKC oils, label stickers and an array of other fun scent work toys.  Check them out if you are building your own kit or replenishing your stock. Takle box is from walmart.

Happy Sniffs,
Lucy and Poppy

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