Friday, October 25, 2019

When The Cold Front Hits Texas

A cold front North Texas yesterday.  Rain, wind, coldness!  OH MY!

It is all too much to bear!

I can't handle it!

Seriously I gotta have 4 layers  on (long sleeve onesie, jam jams, hoodie, leggins) and a neck warmer.

How long till spring?!?!?!

As for Lucy.....

Yes Momma you called me?  The temps are going to be in the 40's you say?



Naw i good going in just my collar.


Lucy and Poppy


  1. BOL! It's hard being the lightly furred one. I have to wear a jacket WAY before most of my furiends do.

  2. Eddy has been in fuzzy jammies to naked on the same day! Our weather is crazy here. Glad you got a good momma to keep you safe and warm.