Monday, October 14, 2019

Getting Picked up From Day Care

On Friday afternoon momma came to retrieve us from our sleep over. Joy abounded when she walked through the door.  We were confused on where to be after greeting momma since all the hoomans were in the den with company.  So we sat in the hall to await further instruction.

When our company left we went back to the living room.  While momma talked to Doggy Nanny I gnawed on a chew chew.   A few minutes into the chat Doggy Nanny spilled beans!  She told momma when Aunt Robin and Uncle Bob came for a visit I nipped Aunt Robins ankle.  I had to be put in time out.  :(  I couldn't help it I was scared.  There was a new person in my bubble.  Aunt Robin, if you are reading this, I is sorry for being an ankle nipper, I promise to try harder next time to be a good girl.

To end on a good note momma shared the beautiful cloud display she saw during her pm shift.

Lucy and Poppy

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