Tuesday, February 4, 2020

2 Hides?!?!?!

Momma was up early and I helped with chores (taking out the trash) and we got done early.  So we did some scent work to fill the time.  Momma and I worked on Anise (your choice game).  Then she upped the ante.  She had me go kennel.  Then placed the hide.

She released me from my kennel and I began my search.  Found it on the fridge elevated.  Got my click and treat.

Then momma took that hide and put it up and said "ok search again".  She had me bamboozled.  I look at her then began another search.  This one was hidden behind the kitchen tote.  I slid my paw behind there and retrieved the tin.  BOL.  I got clicks and treats!
(please excuse the paint.  the apartment complex is still in the process of fixing the wall.)

Momma says we need to practice multiple hides so that we can move up.  We may or may not this year depends on how I do with some of my others like exterior and buried.


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  1. Lucy, this sounds like such a wonderful time. You are a really good search doggie. Thanks for sharing this pawsome post. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals