Saturday, February 8, 2020

My First Big Snow! P.2

Lunch time we just went out for quick potties no pics.  But when momma got off work it was FROLICKING time again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heaven on earth!

And onto frolicking!

Momma calls this one...Happiest Poodle on Earth.  I agree!

Quick intermission to go warm the tootsies.

Then momma let Poppy out!

We surveyed together....

...and I took off...

.... in hopes she would frolic wif me.

Look Poppy I am kicking up snow!

Your're joking right?!?!?

Ahh heck wif it!  Lets Play!

Darn hoodie got in my way.  Not a fair bitey face session.  No winner called.

Last but not least was snow prints.  It was a little difficult as this snow wasn't fluffy but more icy.  But we got 'em after a few tried.s  Lucy attempt 1.

Lucy attempt 2.


 One thing I didn't expect was the amount of snow balls I accumulated.

However a small price to pay for such fun!

Momma said we would have to have a warm foot bath to get these guys off of me.

naww...I just de-snow-balled myself.  No footie baff needed.  Youre welcome!

Snow Smooches,
Lucy and Poppy

Pup date 48 hours later this is all we were left patch in the back yard. 

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