Saturday, February 15, 2020

I Won The Drawing

Our favorite artist on fb, Chris Crawford, ran a 1k follower giveaway.  We threw our paws in the ring just for fun,

My favorite comic by this artist is of Noodle doing scent work.

This past Sunday the winner was drawn.

Nice work.

OH MY DOG NO WAY!!!!!  Its me!

Momma and I thought long and hard on what we wanted to feature.  We decided to go with a Scent Work theme.  It features one of my Q ribbons and one of my smiley face tins.  Here is the rough draft he sent.

The final product!

Thanks Chris!  Its perfect!  You captured my curls as well as my love of scentwork.  If you haven't already go give his page a like.  @malinoodle on Insta and You will LOVE the art!!!


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