Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Gracie's Annual Vaccination Day

Whew we were up and at'em the morning of 2-3.  Arrived at Aunt Gracie's house promptly at 830.  We did a Pop drop and a Gracie grab.  We have an appointment for Gracie's vaccinations at Simmon and Harlan Vet Clinic.  She has to get a parvo/distemper pokie and an oral kennel cough vaccine.  I went as this is a new vet for us and I wanted to meet all da peeps!

We have reached our destination.

Simmon and Harlan Vet Clinic.

Then something hit me kinda funny.  What if this was a trick.  I am not due for pokies.  Hmmm...mommas sometimes shady like that.  anyhoo!

Once in the waiting room I made sure Gracie was ok.  Don't worry Aunt Gracie, its one tiny pokie. 

Then I surveyed the people and pets. 

Oh Hi are you a friend?

I would surely love to be your friend!

Momma can you please unhook my leash so I can go make friends?

After a bit I splooted and made my self right at home while we waited for the dogtor.

I might have been so relaxed I took a quick poodle power nap. 

Then we were called back to the room.

I am ready to splore!

My work here is done. :)

OH NO! Was that the door?

I'm hiding!

Miss Katie can't you save me?!!?!!??

Its rude to take pictures of a mature lady on the weight scale.  Very rude!

You're ok Gracie, I am watching out for you!  Be brave!

One pokie and some yuck-yuck juice (kennel cough vaccine) later and we are done.  Dr. Pruitt was Gracies dogtor today.  He seems like a furry friendly feller!


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