Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A Washer and Dryer of our Furry Own

Look what I found at the front door.  Its 2 GIANT boxes!  They were delivered while momma was at work.  We borked like crazy when the fedex man knocked on the door.

Upon inspection it wasn't the lifetime supply of liver treats I was hoping it would be.  It seems to be an appliance of some sort.

Um...Poppy a little help here.

Poodle washer really?  Are you sure this is a poodle washer?  Oh PORTABLE washer...,.ok that makes more sense.

I found lots of toys while I was in there.  A book of shredding paper and a snake.

In the other box is something momma called a dryer.  Ok I'll take my photo here too if I can have 5 Beggin' littles treats please.

Once everything was unpacked momma had to take apart our sink faucet to get the adapter installed.  After bout an hour she finally got it done and said the weirdest thing.  "Turns out you can't use jewelry pliers to do plumbing work."  Um yea I coulda told ya that.  Gotta have the right tool for the job.  Thankfully she found her real pliers.  And they were kinda dusty....she doesn't do a lot of "repairs" now that we are apartment dwellers.  Not that she technically did them before....but I'm rambling.  If anything spectacular happens when we run our first load Ill update ya.  Crossed paws we don't flood the apartment.  *Paw tap on wood*.

Pup Date: We did our first "official weeks worth load" of mommas work clothes, sheets,  hand towels and Poppys Jam Jams. Everything ran smoothly.

Spin cycle.  Whew-wee look at em go!

Everything came out smelling fresh.  The dryer, even though it was small, was furry powerful.   I found that warm clean laundry right outta the dryer is super soft and nice to rest upon.  I remember this from my puppyhood back in ky.


*Please note no puppies were harmed in the filming of this blog.  And were well compensated wif Beggin Littles for their cooperation.

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