Thursday, February 20, 2020

Embark Heath and Trait Results

The results are in!  Will they match up to Wisdom Panel?  Will it reveal my true ancestry of gremlin, house rat, and greyhound?  Something vastly different?!!?!?!?

drum roll please....

Embark studied my DNA and found I am officially 77% Chihuahua and 23% Chinese Crested.

Here is my official certificate.

Here is embarks version of my family tree.  Honestly the results were quite accurate per our research.  Dad Chigger was Chihuahua (if not chihuahua mix far back due to merle genes) and mom Princess was Chinese Crested /Chihuahua mix.

Here are my traits.  They did pick up on my merle gene.  I have 1 merle allele (not appearing in my coat) which matches known info.  My furnishings gene did show "likely furnished" (Mustache, beard and eyebrows).  The shedding gene showed "Hairless", which is spot on.  I am hairless due to the FOXI3 gene.  This is also is the gene for abnormal teeth.

I do not have blue eyes due to the blue eye gene (ALX4).  I got mine from my merle gene previously mentioned.  My inbreeding score is 1%.

I was marked clear on all but 2 of the health tests.  I inherited 1 gene for Canine Multiple System Degeneration and 1 gene for Degenerative Myelopathy.   Meaning I am a carrier and shouldn't be impacted but if bred they could show up and effect my offspring.  However that is not an issue now that I am spayed.  I also tested negative for the MDR1 Sensitivity.

There you have it per 2 companies (Wisdom Panel and Embark) I am a Chihuahua & Chinese Crested SuperMutt.  They did however differ on the percentages.  As for why I am unsure but what I do know is my maternal ancestors Chinese Crested genes shine through.  #hairless #nekkiddog #hairlesschinesecrested


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  1. That's pretty pawesome! Momma did a DNA test on Angel Casey once, because she thought he was mixed with maybe greyhound or whippet and wanted to be sure. He came back as all boxer, which stunned her! I am definitely all boxer, though. Momma says I'm show quality pawfect, which duh, I could've told her!