Thursday, February 6, 2020

February is 💖 Month

Heartworms KILL!  Heartworms are transmitted by Mosquitos.  When bitten the microfilaria (baby heartworm) enters the dogs blood stream.  Once mature they invade the heart, clogging the valves and arteries.  This reduces the ability of the heart to function properly and pump blood to vital organs.  Staying on preventative (year round as mosquitos can fly in 60 degree weather) kills the baby heartworms before they can mature and migrate to the heart.

Since February is  💖 month P.E.T.S. runs a special for pet owners in our area.  If you purchase a years supply of heartworm preventative you get the test for free .  Its recommended to be tested yearly to ensure the medicine has been effective.

We have arrived!

We went inside and up to the front desk to check in.  We had our paperwork already filled out so it went quickly.

They took our weights for heartworm preventative dosage purposes.  Believe it or not I weighed more than Aunt Gracie by 2 ounces.

We received our call number and we are number 9.

They were working through the queue furry quickly and this nice gentleman came calling for us.  Here is what it looks like when people try and pick me up.  Engage limp noodle legs!  Engage poodle roll!

He's got me now.

And we have lift off.  Im sideways in his arm, semi-upside-down and my feets are pointed toward him but he has me.

Gracie stationed herself under mommas chair.  In hopes they would pass her over.  Sadly it didn't work out that way.

Once my turn was over I was all smiles.

Then I heard a scratching noise....

 It a bucket of puppies!!!!!!!

No wait....2 buckets of puppies!  I begged and pleaded but momma said I couldn't take any of them home.  :( 

Once we were both done  (Keep reading to see results) we paid then we were outta there.  Back at Doggy Nanny's house we told her all about trip to Pets.

Last but not least for me I had to take my final photo with my years supply of meds. 


Poppy here soon after they all got back momma broke the news to me.  Pets changed the rules that even if you don't buy preventative (I just got stocked up a couple months ago) you can still get a heartworm test for 1/2 price (only $10).  Thats still a great deal.  But momma....

I dont wanna get a pokie! :(

Momma wiped my tears and we got checked in.  I was number 48.

The kind technician came to fetch me for my test soon after we arrived.  Momma told her I was a nervous girl and the technician was so kind.  She got down on my level and spoke softly to me.  I gave her sniffs and kisses.  Momma handed me off backward and I was ok.  She had a good vibe.  Later I found out she had 9 chihuahuas.  She knows my kind.  While waiting for the results we were approached by the social media coordinator and asked if we would like to be featured on the Pets fb or insta page.  I was nervous but the kind lady was patient with me and did get my picture.  We will share the post if I was chosen.

Final results are....3 NEGATIVES!  Our Heartworm Prevention is working and we are healthy!

Yes momma asks for pictures of our test....yes its they didn't mind.  BOL  So make sure your heart is happy and healthy this February and get tested.

Lucy, Gracie and Poppy

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