Monday, February 3, 2020

New Trick - Puppy Picasso

Momma has decided that we need a new trick to work on. One trick momma LOVES seeing on fb in the groups is painting doggies.  Plus when we slay this "trick unicorn" (meaning a trick you never thought you could master) we will have a beautiful one of a kind piece of art.  We have watched all of the fb group pups videos of how to start this trick.  We are using a plastic spoon to mimic the paint brush.  I don't like things put in my mouth (see blog posts of heartworm pill issues) so we are stating slow.  If I touch the spoon with my and treat.

By the end of the second session I was softly biting the spoon and getting lots of treats and clicks.  Then she transitioned into me picking up the spoon.  Here are a couple videos.

Ill be a master painter in no time. 


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